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y s●ympathised in the young man’s causes of de▓pression, but loved his bett●er qualities, admired his talents, and re●gretted his failings, was sufficient to e▓xcite the warm affections of his great-niec●e towards him.No spell is so powe●rful in

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sed at length; a●nd passing along the corrido●r leading from the library to the st▓airs, a well-known step suddenly sounded behi●nd her, and the voice of Reginald de Ver▓e called her by name. “I though●t

tanding h▓is age and infirmities, m

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you intended to retire without even wishin●g me good night,” she said, playfully, ▓her spirit rallying with his a

ade a r●apid journey from L

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ppearance.▓“What do you mean, sir, by such treatment▓ Be better behaved to-morrow, ●and I will be merciful, and

ondon to Luscombe Cottage, p

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forgive.” ● “You must forgive me to-night▓, dearest Annie; for to-morrow will see me many ●miles on my road t

●urposely to soothe his dyi

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o Portsmouth, thence speedily● to embark for Spain.” “Portsmouth—Sp●ain!” repeated the bewildered▓ girl; a

nd her hand so trembled, that th●e lamp she held dropped from it, an▓d was instantly extinguished. “Y●es, Annie,

ng hours b
y the a●ssuranc
e that his

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means● nor influence to tread the path to● which my inmost soul aspire▓s; and to toil for lingering years● behin

even richly● provided for, and ther

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d a merchant’s desk or trade●sman’s counter my spirit will not bear.▓ I have obtained a commission amon●gst the

efore there could be n▓o ob

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brave fellows now abou▓t to join General Mina in his gallant defen▓ce of the young queen; and with him these rest

jection to her making Clair

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▓less yearnings may be stilled in the activity ▓of martial service, or the quiet o▓f the grave.And who will mo●u

Abb▓ey her future home, Sir

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rn for me” he continued, rapidly an▓d bitterly; “who, in the wide world, wil●l think of me, or shed one tear fo?/p>

Edward placed▓ his weeping c

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坮 me, save thine own sweet self ▓Oh, Annie, speak to me! Tell me you will t▓hink of me sometimes.I know there wi?/p>

hild in the arms of her aged

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坙l be many, very many, to supply● my place to you; but, oh, w▓ho will ever be to me as you ha●ve been” “And

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yet you have decided ●on this plan, endured more tha▓n ever, and told me not a word.R●eginald, was this kind” s

ld de Ve▓re, was far away

look▓ on you again, I should fail i●n courage to leave England.Yet wh●y should I linger Changed as▓ your prospe

much as▓ Annie loved and venera


cts are, loved as you ▓will be by those so much more deserving, wh●at could I be to you” “Re▓ginald!” murmured poor Annie, wh▓olly unconscious of the nature of● her own feelings, yet unable to utter ●another word. “I know you will not f●orget me, Annie, dearest Annie, your ▓nature is too good, too kind, too truthful for ●such change; but, fated as I am, how da●re I ask for, hope for more than a s▓ister’s love Say you will sometimes think ▓of me, love me as—as a brother, Annie, darling●! and life will not be so wholly desol●ate.” Her reply was almost● inarticulate, and passionate ?/p>

ted her father, it ▓was scarcel


駑ords rose to Reginald’s lips, but the●y were not spoken.He led her to the d●oor of her apartment without another word,▓ wrung both her hands in his, bade “God ble●ss her!” and was gone.Annie stood f▓or a few minutes as if stunned;▓ mechanically she loosed the wreath of w●hite rosebuds from her hair, the fastening ●of her dress, which seemed to▓ stifle her very breath, and t●hen she sunk on her knees beside the bed, a●nd the hot tears gushed forth; and lon▓g, long she wept, as that young guileless girl▓ had never wept before. Reginald▓ de Vere was the youngest son of a pri●vate gentleman o

y so much his last wish as the r


f moderate fortune, residing i●n a populous city in the north of Yorkshire.It● is not necessary to dilate on feelings which ▓Reginald’s own words but too ▓painfully portrayed; the “iron rule” of tyra●nny is best described in the ▓effect which it produces.The Calvini▓stic principles of the elder De Vere fou●nd no softening of their natural austerity i▓n the acidity and moroseness of h●is temper; the evil had been increased b▓y his union with a young Spaniard—liv▓ely, frivolous, and a Roman C●atholic.How this marriage had ever ●come about, nobody succeeded ▓in discovering.Strange unions▓ there

est▓lessness of her own heart,


are, but seldom between suc▓h antipodes in character and feeling ▓as were Mr.and Mrs.De Vere.▓ Their large family grew up am▓idst all the evils of domestic dissension, a●nd its subsequent misery—a father’s● unjustifiable tyranny, and a mother’s ●as blamable weakness.Basil de Vere sough●t to instil his peculiarly stern doct▓rines in the minds of his children; h▓is wife prayed, in their hearing, tha▓t they might be saved from such cold,● comfortless belief; they shr▓unk from the one, and learned no relig▓ion from the other.To shield▓ them from the father’s tyranny, ●the mother taught them dec

whic▓h, even while she preferre


eit, lavished on● them weak indulgences, which were t●o be forfeited if ever revealed.Ever ▓witnessing and suffering the e●ffects of dissension, what aff▓ection, what harmony could exi▓st between themselves The ill eff▓ects of this training were more discerni▓ble in some of their matured characte●rs than in others; some pursued an honest ▓course, as soon as their departure▓ from their father’s house permitte●d the influence of their better qualities, ●but these were mostly dwelling in foreign lan●ds; some had married with, some wi●thout his consent; and in his o▓ld age Basil de Vere found himse

d the simple● mode of living at


●lf master of a deserted hearth, with none ●of his once blooming family b▓eside him but one, and that one wa▓s Reginald.The weak indulgence of his mother ha●d never softened for Reginal▓d the tyranny of his father.She died i▓n giving him birth, and he had to battle ●through his unhappy childhood alone.Shri●nking almost in agony from his father▓’s voice, yearning, with all the clinging ▓confidence of childhood, for love, b●ut finding none, he turned in loathing fr▓om the continued scenes of discord whic▓h characterised his home.He spurned with conte●mptuous indignation offers of indulgence● and

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